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" Good customer service and the clarity of the whole process made a commendable impression. "

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Timo-Pekka Sirviö

Sales Manager

" Fast service! The money comes even on the same day as the performance. Saves a few % and gets the money to the account immediately 👍 I've been billing for almost a year and haven't had any problems even once 👌 "

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Sebu Sezos

Sheet Metal Worker

" Affordable and fast and flexible customer service. Easy and clear. Highly recommended! "

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Pia Fraktman


" Excellent and fast customer service! Everything has worked with and I can only recommend it 💪 "

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Milena Kaile

Event Organizer

" Salary payment in about 20 minutes after the invoice is paid. Very fast service. Customer service also responds without delay via WhatsApp and email. I have used almost all billing services, and this is by far the best, most efficient, and fastest 👍🏻 "

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Riku Kopponen


" Everything works as it should. Sending the invoice was easy and the money came quickly. "

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Alexandr Kostenko

Construction Professional

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Invoice easily with your phone, tablet, or computer, anywhere, anytime.


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What the Service Includes

Get all the advanced features of an invoicing service at a more affordable service fee

Free Registration and Service Activation

You can start using the service immediately without any opening fees. We also do not charge monthly usage fees for our service, and joining the service does not obligate you to use it continuously.

Free Invoice Sending and Expense Deductions

Send email and e-invoices to individual and business customers quickly and effortlessly. You can also add travel expenses to the invoice, which can be paid to you as tax-free reimbursements according to the tax authority's guidelines.

No Mandatory Monthly or Additional Fees

Our service has no hidden costs or mandatory additional service charges. The service fee includes everything you need to start operating as a light entrepreneur.

Salary Always as an Instant Payment

We pay the salary as soon as the invoice is paid and the payment is visible in our account. No more waiting for days or even weeks for salary payments.

Invoice Payment Reminders and Collection

Invoice payment reminders and, if necessary, collection services minimize the risk of unpaid invoices. Remember that a contract agreement facilitates invoice collection.

Tax Withholding and Official Notifications

The service includes tax and official fee withholdings, such as VAT, prepayment taxes, health insurance contributions, and automatic official notifications.

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Easy-to-use invoicing platform and lightning-fast payroll

1. Do the work

You can freely agree on tasks and work whenever it suits you best, without any commitment.

2. Send the invoice

Sending an invoice is easy and free. You can send the invoice by email or as an e-invoice.

3. Get paid

We transfer the amount you earned directly to your bank account so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Start Light Entrepreneurship Effortlessly

Join now and enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship without the worries of bureaucracy.

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Light Entrepreneurship is the
Easiest Way to Invoice

Entrepreneurship with Minimal Risks

Light entrepreneurship offers a popular, effortless, and safe way to invoice clients for individual services you provide. It is an excellent option for those who provide services but do not want to establish their own company or deal with business-related bureaucracy.

Easy and Fast

As a light entrepreneur, you can easily send invoices for your freelance work, with or without a business ID, as we handle the bureaucracy for you. You also receive your salary as soon as the invoice payment is visible in our account, every day of the year!

Save Time and Money

Many people nowadays choose light entrepreneurship, taking advantage of convenient invoicing services that reduce the administrative workload and thus save valuable time. The use of light entrepreneurship services has grown significantly in recent years, and their popularity continues to increase. Most invoicing services charge multiple times the service fee for the same service.

Join the Journey of Entrepreneurship!

Start as a light entrepreneur today and open the door to new opportunities! Light entrepreneurship is for you who want to pursue your professional passion without the complexities of starting a business. With our service, you can fully focus on what you love to do – whether it is coding, photography, consulting, or anything in between.

Register now and start invoicing immediately. You do not have to worry about the bureaucracy, we handle it for you, so you can focus on creating value for your customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to the most frequently asked questions

How can help me?

With, you can start your business risk-free, send invoices to your customers, operate with a business name, and take advantage of many benefits to save money.

How can you contact us?

We are always ready to help! If you can’t find an answer to your question from our entrepreneurship school, we will help you via WhatsApp chat, phone, or email every day of the year, including weekends and holidays, from 9 am to 11 pm. Feel free to contact us!

Is the best invoicing service for me? is the best invoicing service for you because it offers the most comprehensive benefits to its users and a versatile service with personal customer support. Through’s invoicing service, you can easily choose whether you want to employ yourself as a light entrepreneur without a business ID or as a sole trader with a business ID. The invoicing service also provides comprehensive information related to self-employment.

Who is light entrepreneurship suitable for?

Light entrepreneurship is flexible and suitable for various life situations. Whether you are a student, gig worker, aspiring entrepreneur, retiree, or looking for side jobs alongside your day job, light entrepreneurship offers you diverse opportunities. You can also work full-time as a light entrepreneur.

How do invoicing services differ from each other?

The services offered by invoicing services are practically identical, so it is important to understand that in most invoicing services, you may pay a multiple price for the same basic service. The main differences between invoicing services are: Service fee, payment speed, customer service, service usability, and insurances. When choosing an invoicing service, it is important to consider your own needs and compare different options based on these criteria.

Why do companies also benefit from light entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship is also cost-effective for the company purchasing the services. Hiring a light entrepreneur is effortless because the ordering company does not have to handle the bureaucracy related to hiring and reporting an employee. It is easy and frictionless for the ordering company to buy services from a light entrepreneur because the company only has to pay the invoice. Thus, both parties avoid unnecessary paperwork.

Start Using the Service Today!

Invoice easily with your phone, tablet, or computer, anywhere, anytime.


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