Tax deductions

Light entrepreneurs tax deductions

What expenses can a light entrepreneur claim as tax deductions?

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Tools, equipment and materials

If a you have purchased a new computer, computer accessories, construction tools, work clothes or anything else that you are using directly in your work, you can claim these expenses in your personal tax return.

Travel expenses

A light entrepreneur can invoice travel expenses from their customer and receive the mas tax free reimbursements. Alternatively, if the travel expenses have not been invoiced to the customer, the light entrepreneur can claim deductions on these travel expenses in their personal tax return.

Expenses on training or education

A light entrepreneur can claim expenses for education and training that is related to their work. This can include fees for courses, course materials, seminars etc. These expenses should have been paid personally by the light entrepreneur and can be claimed in the personal tax return.

YEL and other fees related to light entrepreneurship

A light entrepeneur has to take out YEL insurance when the respective YEL conditions are met. In this case invoicing services need to deducts employers health insurance fee. YEL insurance fees can be claimed as an expense in the personal tax return. automatically peroforms tax deductions on health insurance fees and service fees.

Tax administrations latest guidance for tax returns

Please find more information on relevant expense deductions on tax administrations web site:

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