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Simplify Your Company’s Growth with Subcontracting

Subcontracting as a light entrepreneur or sole proprietor offers companies a more flexible, less bureaucratic, and cost-effective way to employ. This benefits both parties, the client and the contractor. We assist you with all matters related to contractual relationships, whether it’s invoicing or administrative burdens.

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Why Should Companies Hire
Light Entrepreneurs or Sole Proprietors?

Save Time and Money

With consolidated invoicing, you save time and money in financial management - just check one invoice, and only one receipt goes into the bookkeeping.

Speed Up Payments

Speed up remittances and payments to your subcontractors - the consolidated invoice is created and paid according to your needs.

Grow According to Your Needs

Consolidated invoicing easily scales to the needs of your business.

How to get started

Partner with Us
Contact us if your company wants to hire cost-effectively and offer freedom to the workers.
Create Assignment Contracts with Workers
Agree with the workers on the quality and prices of the work in writing – the worker can create the contract in our service.
Workers Register with Invoicing Service
If necessary, we will provide you with the necessary support materials.
Fill in the Workers’ Work Performances on the Consolidated Invoice
We take care of the rest – money to the workers and compile a single invoice for you to pay.
Save Time on Payments and Financial Management
Only One Invoice - Regardless of the Number of Subcontractors
More Time to Focus on Core Business
solutions for businesses takes care of all the bureaucracy for light entrepreneurs and handles the accounting for sole proprietors, and simplifies financial management for companies. Choose the right solution for your business needs!

Personalized Business Customer Service

It is important to us that our partners and light entrepreneurs always receive fast and high-quality service. We want to ensure that any issues and questions are resolved promptly.

That's why we have created a dedicated business customer team, where our dedicated expert handles all matters related to your customer relationship comprehensively. Our team ensures that our partners receive the best possible support and advice in all situations.

Contact our business customer team and experience the benefits of personalized service. Our goal is to make our cooperation as smooth and effortless as possible so that you can focus on your own business.

Consolidated Invoicing

Consolidated invoicing allows the payment of all fees for light entrepreneurs and sole proprietors with a single common invoice.

This solution significantly saves companies time and effort while minimizing the possibility of human errors. The consolidated invoicing program is completely free for all business customers.

Consolidated invoicing also helps keep the company's financial management clear and organized. It makes it easy to track all payment transactions in one place, simplifying and speeding up accounting.

Our service also provides expert support and advice on issues related to consolidated invoicing, so your company can focus on what matters – growing and developing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Employment

How does purchasing services from a light entrepreneur differ from hiring an employee?

Purchasing services from a light entrepreneur offers companies a flexible and cost-effective way to get work done without the commitments of employment. The company saves time and money because it does not have to handle payroll calculations and payments, thus reducing administrative bureaucracy. This allows for easy project- or task-specific resourcing, improving the company’s efficiency and adaptability to changing needs.

How is a freelancer's assignment invoiced?

A light entrepreneur invoices for the work done through an invoicing service like From the perspective of the company purchasing the service, there is no difference, as legally, purchasing services from a light entrepreneur is equivalent to purchasing services from a company or sole proprietor.

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