Valtti card

How to order a Valtti card

Do I need a Valtti card and how can I order it?

Three Id cards with one verified id card in the middle

What is Valtti card needed for?

Occupational safety and tax number laws in Finland require that a personal identification number be used on a construction site. Without an acceptable construction site ID, the employee will not be able to enter the construction site. The Valtti card is one of the most common personal identifiers used on construction sites. Valtti card allows you to show your right to enter the construction site and that your tax number is in order. Valtti card can also be used to track access to the construction site, if the construction site has a compatible access control system.

Order the Valttikortti easily through service

We can order you a Valtti card after you have registered with our service and confirmed your identity.

Valttikortti costs €59 (incl. VAT) through us. The payment can be collected from your next salary or you can pay with an invoice.

What do I need to order a Valtti card?

  1. First, check that you are registered in the public tax number register. The Valtti card can only be ordered if the entry has been made
  2. If the entry has not yet been made, you can enter your tax number in the tax number register yourself
  3. Email us at a passport photo-like face photo of you (this can be done even with your own phone), and your tax number
  4. On the same day, you will receive a PDF copy of the card, which usually already allows you to enter the construction site. The card itself usually arrives to you by mail within 1–3 weeks, depending on the post offices delivery times.
  5. The cost of the Valttikorti 59 € (incl. VAT) can be collected from your next salary or you can pay with this amount with an invoice.

How long is the Valtti card valid for?

Valtti card is valid when ordered through us indefinitely, i.e. it is valid until cancelled. We cancel the cards automatically if you haven't sent invoices for 2 months.

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