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As a light entrepreneur, you don't need your own company, and you can invoice as a private individual. We take care of taxes, insurance, statutory notifications, and other paperwork on your behalf.

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As a light entrepreneur, you can choose whom you work for, when you work, and at what price. With the invoicing service, you handle invoicing and statutory obligations effortlessly as an independent freelancer!

You don’t need your own business ID, and you don’t have to register for prepayment or VAT

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As a Light Entrepreneur, You Can Easily Invoice for Cleaning Jobs!

Have you worked as a cleaner or thought about starting cleaning jobs?

Great! For many, household chores are a necessary evil in a busy life that they would prefer to outsource. For example, many families with children hire cleaning services to make everyday life easier. Many retirees also often need cleaning assistance.

Take on Cleaning Jobs and Remember to Mention the Household Deduction!

By invoicing through the service, you can forget about paperwork and avoid the problems of the informal economy. Our salary calculator shows you how much you will earn from your work. As a light entrepreneur, you don't need your own company or a business name.

Your clients can also be worry-free, as our service makes it easier to hire an individual worker by handling all the necessary notifications and payments correctly on behalf of both parties. Easy and fast!

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What Is It Like to Work as a Cleaner and How Can You Get Started?

The tasks of a cleaner vary depending on the location being cleaned. These locations can include offices, staircases, shops, restaurants, ships, private homes, and various institutions like hospitals.

Cleaning work typically involves vacuuming, cleaning floors and other surfaces, deodorizing, and organizing spaces. It can also include window washing, floor waxing, cleaning hygienic areas, and operating combination machines.

Cleaning work is not just about surface cleaning; it's also about helping clients and improving their quality of life. The work is rewarding because you can see the tangible results of your efforts and take pride in a job well done. Additionally, the profession of a cleaner requires carefulness, responsibility, and good customer service skills.

Experience in the cleaning industry can also be utilized in other ways, such as creating cleaning-related content for social media – the possibilities for self-employment are limitless!

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Timo-Pekka Sirviö

Sales Manager

" Fast service! The money comes even on the same day as the performance. Saves a few % and gets the money to the account immediately 👍 I've been billing for almost a year and haven't had any problems even once 👌 "

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Sebu Sezos

Sheet Metal Worker

" Affordable and fast and flexible customer service. Easy and clear. Highly recommended! "

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Pia Fraktman


" Excellent and fast customer service! Everything has worked with and I can only recommend it 💪 "

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Milena Kaile

Event Organizer

" Salary payment in about 20 minutes after the invoice is paid. Very fast service. Customer service also responds without delay via WhatsApp and email. I have used almost all billing services, and this is by far the best, most efficient, and fastest 👍🏻 "

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Riku Kopponen


" Everything works as it should. Sending the invoice was easy and the money came quickly. "

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Alexandr Kostenko

Construction Professional

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Who Hires Cleaners?

Cleaners are needed everywhere there is cleaning to be done. Their work is especially required in public places such as institutions, offices, hotels, and stores. However, many people also need the services of a cleaner in their own homes.

Cleaning and other household chores are a necessary evil for many people in the midst of a busy life. For example, many families with children or retirees do not have the time or energy for thorough cleaning, so they are happy to hire a cleaner. Using cleaning services can provide much-needed relief and free up time for other important tasks or relaxation.

If cleaning jobs excite you, you could very well offer your skills and make many customers' lives easier. As a cleaner, you have the opportunity to work flexibly and independently. You can choose the amount of work and schedules according to your own needs. In addition, there is demand for cleaning services across the country, so employment opportunities are good.

Remember that a cleaner helps people keep their homes and workplaces clean and pleasant. The contribution of a cleaner is an important and respected part of society.

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